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Bonus Post, Day 5: Blooms, Bears, & Zeroes 


A zero is a day that you don’t put any miles in, a day off. Today we took a zero day, or I should say my feet did.

After settling in at the Mt. Laguna Lodge, getting cleaned up and rested, I realized just how bad my feet had gotten. We got some good advice at the outfitter on how to treat them and that a day of rest was a really good idea for them. It was frustrating since the rest of my body is feeling really good, but I know now it was a good call.

I have to give another huge shoutout to Laguna Mountain Sports & Supply, this time to Mary, who fitted me with proper fitting shoes and comfy socks and gave great advice on continuing the hike with blister management.

Kind of a classic newbie mistake, a combination of too-small shoes, bad socks, and not paying close enough attention to my feet’s needs. But feeling better already and will be trail-ready tomorrow.

out with the old, in with the new. traded up from a size 7 to an 8, where i should have been all along

Bear or Not a Bear?

So yesterday Jason got a trail name too. This blog is officially becoming TMI (too much information), and will probably remain that way, since the topics of thought and conversation are quite different out here. You know the saying, “Does a bear shit in the woods?” Well, Jason has managed to pull off not doing this so far, having good timing with campgrounds and other real toilets. Hence, he is not a bear.


Not-a-Bear enjoying some trail magic


Desert Blooms

And I will leave you with some more pictures. Don’t worry, no gory pics of the feet, just some of the many wildflowers we are finding along the trail.

The blossoms are my many little lovely surprises along the way that keep me going. That and the two main songs I have in my head to keep a good hiking rhythm, “Stayin’ Alive” and “I Will Survive ” (a mix of Diana Ross’s and Cake’s versions).

If anyone knows thenames of any of the flowers, tell us in the comments.

Restfully Yours,

Comet and Not-a-Bear




yucca up close

look like mini poppies


yellow mini poppies?


not actually a flower, but reminiscient of one, a cut yucca plant


at 6,000 feet , surprised by some lupines, feels like home


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8 thoughts on “Bonus Post, Day 5: Blooms, Bears, & Zeroes 

  1. First is a Yucca , I think also Lupinus, a Bromilah, think spelt wrong and lilies. You look to be having a great time. Watch your feet, you need them xxx


  2. Very nice photos of the desert blooms. Lupines are one of my favorite wildflowers.


  3. Just seeing this Catie! Happy hiking and happier feet to you!


  4. As this is TMI version and amidst my continuance to complete Wild before you get to Oregon, I will say laughingly at the first thought arriving: Dear Bearly-not: ‘comes a time’! ( I’m hearing Jerry in the background.) Comet, Cheryl had the same problem. I’m in suspense to know how long it took her boots to arrive! I’m sure the next chapter will provide the outcome. Glad your feet are happier! Journey well!


  5. The yucca looks like a Yucca whipplei (Our Lord’s Candle colloquially), the orange flowers fifth down are a type of snapdragon called Bush Monkeyflower, and the very last shot is of Coulter’s Lupine. I’m not sure, but the yellow mini poppies might be Mexican Gold Poppies, and the purple poppy type flower is probably a type of Mariposa Lily.

    Unfortunately, right behind the Mariposa Lily you also unwittingly captured two perfect examples of what I usually call the Common Piss Pot Poppy. Oops!


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