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Bonus Post: “500 Miles” PCT Remix by Not-a-Bear


So I think I mentioned before, Jason spent a good 200 miles coming up with new lyrics to the song “I’m Gonna Be,” (aka “500 Miles”) by the Proclaimers. We wrote out the whole thing in the PCT log book at Kennedy Meadows (I transcribed since Jason has horrible handwriting). Enjoy. You have to have the tune in your head when you read it. Hopefully you can see it all in the photos.


And here’s a picture of Not-a-Bear inspecting a red flower with his new red shoes. I got my new shoes today -happy days!  And my new Super Feet insoles I got last week from The Animal (who blogs at Finding My Berrings) have my feet feeling much better. Who knows what that red flower is? Or even if it is a flower?  Signing off with happy feet,

Comet & Not-a-Bear


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5 thoughts on “Bonus Post: “500 Miles” PCT Remix by Not-a-Bear

  1. It is a snow lily. It comes up right after the snow is gone . One of the first flowers to come up after the snow.


  2. It’s called a snow plant. And such a sweet version of the lyrics! I like this version much better. 🙂


  3. Got something from you in the mail today- Thanks so much !! Hanging on my wall 🙂 Hope your weather is cooperating.


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