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We made it! PCT complete


On Day 158 of our journey we crossed the border into Canada, completing the 2659 mile Pacific Crest Trail. Jason hiked almost every mile and I clocked in at about 2100, none of which I could have done without Not-A-Bear.

I’d say what a feeling, but honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet.

We are currently riding on a bus, away from the trail, to Vancouver where we’ll catch another bus to Bellingham to visit friends for the weekend. Then we’ll take another series of buses back to Eugene. What took us six weeks to walk will take three days to travel by bus, less if we wanted.

There will be more blog posts to come as I catch up on sleep and process the last five months. For now, I’m happy not to be walking any more, especially since today is cold and rainy.

We timed our last few days on the trail perfectly, sunny the whole way, and walking into Manning Park, BC was one of those perfect warm fall days you revel in.

The monument (Officially called Monument 78 for some reason) is right at the border, stateside, just in the middle of the woods. We got there around 6 p.m. On Wednesday, hung out with a few other hikers, took pictures.

We had to fill out and mail in a permit for Canada entry, that was approved and mailed back to us months ago. Other than that, crossing the border here is pretty unceremonious. You just continue down the trail, no one checking passports or permits. We camped at a campsite just up the trail, then had 8.5 Canadian miles to hike to the official end of the trail in Manning Park, BC.

Thanks for following along!

The journey’s not over,



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  2. Congratulations and Bravo Zulu! Any time you challenge yourself, set difficult goals and accomplish them is cause for celebration.


  3. WOW !!! So happy for you and proud of you-envy has gone away after hearing about your feet- haha. Catie- your pictures have been amazing- and the writing that you and Not a Bear have given us is inspiring. May you only have smooth roads,( if you want them- maybe its time to do another hike? LOL) , sunny skies and blister and pain free feet from now on. Congratulations and continue writing.
    Thank you for taking all of us along on this journey-


  4. Congratulations!!! A tremendous accomplishment!


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